In this day and age you should be able to experience things online before you buy them so you can be sure you buy the right thing. But configurators are hard and expensive. That's why we built a configurator SAAS!


Buying a house can be scary

Buying a house can be super scary. Buying it online can be super scary. We made it possible to experience your home before you even sign up for anything, making it less scary and super fun to look at houses!

It started with a house making a client asking us to make a webshop for their houses. They already had wireframes from a local ad agency with a typical webshop layout that did not exactly feel inviting. The client wanted us to explore how a next generation, online first experience would look like. We came up with a configurator combined with transparent pricing. This was back in 2016, and since then many other house makers have followed and we got more requests so we decided to build a configurator maker.

My part

I had a somewhat shared lead on this together with my boss. I took responsibility for the look and feel with prototypes and UI. I then together with the developers coded it. I mainly developed the UI (HTML/SCSS), while my skilled colleagues wrote the algorithms for the back end and image processing.


The power of dreaming

When you play around with a configurator you really can imagine yourself in your new house. The configurator is built in a way where you can sit down with your partner and dream about your new house, jumping from room to room and fine tune the details. It’s like playing The Sims, only it’s your real house! We paid some extra attention to detail to make the loading snappy and fast with smooth animations.


Getting leads

Of course, the leads that come through a configurator might not be that many. But after dreaming about their house imagine how prepared a lead is to buy when they contact you with their dreamed house configuration. That’s why we made it simple to look at your selections and send them directly to a seller.

I know it would be even better to directly sell the house with transparent pricing, but the house making industry is not quite there yet.